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External Committee Members


Academic Freedom, Ethics, And Grievance Committee  

Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve on the Academic Freedom, Ethics and Grievance Committee.

Faculty (18)

Linda Wedwick, C&I, 2011-14

Tom Lucey, C&I, 2011-14

Kim McCord, MUS, 2011-14, Chair

Gary Justis, ART, 2011-14

Jon Druker, LAN, 2011-14

Venus Evans-Winters, COE, 2012-14

Kevin Edwards, CAS, 2012-15

Steve Landau, CAS, 2012-15

Julie Johnson, CFA, 2012-15

Bill O'Donnell, CFA, 2012-15

Jeff Walsh, CAST, 2012-15

David Kopsell, CAST, 2012-15

Rati Ram, CAS, 2013-16

Gardenia Harris, CAS, 2013-16

Jim Broadbear, CAST, 2013-16

Maribeth Lartz, COE, 2013-16

Sesha Kethineni, CAST , 2013-16

Debbie Shelden, COE, 2013-16

Lab School Representatives (2 from Metcalf, 2 from U-High)

  • Michelle Mueller, Metcalf
  • Donna Zawatski, Metcalf
  • Jean Gorski, U-High
  • Kim Rojas, U-High

5 NTT Covered by Negotiated Agreement:

4 NTT Not Covered by Negotiated Agreement:

Contact: Committee Chairperson or Academic Senate Office (309-438-8735).

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Academic Planning Committee  

Membership (15)

Provost Designee: Jim Jawahar, Associate Provost

Director, Graduate Studies: Alberto Delgado

Director, University Assessment Services: Derek Herman

Chairperson, Academic Senate: Dan Holland

Member, Senate Academic Affairs Committee: Susan Kalter

Dean Appointed Faculty Members - 2-Year Terms:
Laura Vogel, CAS, 2012-14

Chiharu Ishida-Lambert, COB, 2012-14

David Stern, Milner, 2012-14

Amit Shesh (IT), CAST, 2013-15

Dianne Gardner (EAF), COE, 2013-15

Matthew Smith, (MUS), CFA, 2013-15

Stephen Stapleton, MCN, 2013-15

Students (2)

Graduate student selected annually by the Graduate Student Association (Voting):

Undergraduate student selected annually by the Student Government Association (Voting):

Administrative Assistant from the Office of the Provost (Non-Voting): Bruce Stoffel

Contact: Bruce Stoffel, Coordinator of Academic Programs and Policy, (309) 438-2922

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Athletics Council  

Faculty (8)

Richard Nagorski, CAS, 2008-14

Hulda Black, COB, 2011-14

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus, COE, 2009-15

Cyndee Brown, CFA, 2009-15

Brent Beggs, CAST, 2009-15, Chair

Mike Torry, CAST, 2012-15

Pam Farris, COE, 2012-15

Chris Hansen, COE, 2013-16

Students (6)

Student Government Association elects non-athlete student representatives. Student Athletics Advisory Council elects athlete student representatives.

  • Non-athlete:
  • Non-athlete:
  • Non-athlete:
  • Athlete:
  • Athlete:
  • Athlete:

NCAA Faculty Representative: Debbie Lindberg, COB

Alumni Representatives (2)

  • Linda Meints Cooper
  • Jerry Kerber

Ex-Officio Members (Non-voting)

  • Athletics Director:
  • Sr. Assoc. Athletics Director: Larry Lyons (Internal Operations)
  • Associate Athletics Director: Aaron Leetch (External Operations)
  • Associate Athletics Director Leanna Bordner (SWA)
  • Assistant Athletics Director: Cindy Harris (Compliance and Cert.)
  • Assistant Athletics Director Jane Fulton (Academics & Life Skills)

President's Administrative Designee: Jay Groves

Coaches (2)

  • Ray Kralis, Men's Sports (Golf)
  • Drew Roff, Women's Sports (Soccer)

Secretary: Marianne Riddell or Tracie Brown

Contact: Leanna Bordner, Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA, (309) 438-3639

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Council For Teacher Education  

Appointments made in the fall

Chairperson 2012-14: Perry Schoon
Appointed by the Provost in consultation with the College Deans for each 2-year Term.

Faculty (13)

College of Education (4)

  • Karen Douglas, (SED), 11-14
  • Doug Hatch, (C & I), 11-14
  • Robyn Seglem, (C & I), 12-15
  • Rena Shifflett, (C & I), 12-15

College of Arts & Sciences (3)

  • Julie Cheville, 2011-14
  • Monica Noraian,HIS, 2013-16
  • David Barker, MATH, Fall 2013
  • Craig Cullen, MATH, Spring 2014-2016

College of Applied Sciences and Technology (1):

  • Margo Coleman, KNR, 2013-14

College of Business (1):

  • Glenn Bailey, 2011-14

College of Fine Arts (1):

  • Joe Manfredo (Music) (CFA), 12-15

Milner (1):

  • Anita Beaman, 12-15

Mennonite Nursing (1):

Faculty Member Elected by Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate (1):

Students (5):

Ex-Officio College Deans/Designees

  • Perry Schoon, Dean of COE, CTE Chairperson 2012-14
  • Mark Temple, HSC (Rep. for CAST)
  • Sally Parry, (Rep. for CAS)
  • Kathy Mountjoy, BEA (Rep. for COB)
  • Sandi Zielinski, THE (Rep. for CFA)
  • Sarah Campbell (Dean of Mennonite College of Nursing
  • Dane Ward (Rep. for Milner)

Additional Ex-Officio Members:

  • Univ. Curriculum Committee Rep: James Palmer, EAF
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee Rep: Denise Wilson, MCN
  • Provost's Designee: Jon Rosenthal, Vice President of General Ed
  • Dir. Clinical Exp. & Cert. Processes/University Accrediting Officer: Deborah Garrahy,CAST
  • Certification and Accreditation Processes: Amee Adkins, COE
  • Laboratory School Representative: Jean Gorski,(U-High)

Non-Voting Ex-Officios

  • Angell, Maureen (Interim Chair SED), Ex-Officio
  • Meyer, Barb (Chair C & I), Ex-Officio
  • Troxel, Wendy (Interim Chair EAF), Ex-Officio

Contact: Susan Connor, CTE Support Staff: (309) 438-5055, or Deborah Garrahy, 

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Council On General Education  

Faculty (9)

John Hooker, CAS, Humanities, 2011-2014

Askar Choudhury, COB, 2009-2015

Jennifer Sharkey, Milner, 2012-2015

Kristen Lagally, CAST, 2012-2015

Dave Malone, CAS, Sciences, 2012-2015

Anthony Crubaugh, CAS, Social Sciences, 2013-2016

John Poole, CFA, 2013-2016

Julie McGaha, COE, 2013-2016

Janeen Mollenhauer, MCN, 2013-2016

Students (4)

Ex Officio Members (3)

  • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education: Jonathan Rosenthal
  • Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: Sally Parry
  • Honors Program Director: Tim Fredstrom
  • University College: Brian Aitken
  • University Curriculum Committee Chair:

Contact: Recording Secretary, Sandy Krumtinger, (309) 438-8082

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Economic Well-Being Committee  

Only to be constituted as a committee when necessary

Faculty (5)

Administrative Representative (1):

Civil Service Representatives (2):

Administrative Professional Staff Representative:


Faculty members and administrative representative are nominated and elected by the Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate for 3-year terms

Civil Service representatives are nominated by the Civil Service Council and elected by the Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate.

Administrative/Professional staff representative is nominated by the A/P staff and elected by the Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate.

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Faculty Review Committee  

Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve on the Faculty Review Committee.

Faculty (9)

Michael Humphreys, MKT, COB, 2012-14

Gabe Gudding, CAS, 2013-14

Susan Kossman, MCN, 2012-14

Mike Sublett, CAS, 2012-15

Julia Stoner, COE, 2012-15

Ken Smiciklas, CAST, 2013-16

Scott Rankin, CFA, 2013-16

Maureen Brunsdale, Milner, 2013-16

Nina Hamilton, CAS, 2013-16


Contact: Bruce Stoffel, Recording Secretary, (309) 438-2922

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Honors Council  

Faculty (6)

Craig McLaughlan, CAS, 2011-14

Michelle Vought, CFA, 2011-14

Dale Fitzgibbons, COB, 2012-15

Kyle Ciani, CAS, 2013-16

Chris Worland, Milner, 2013-16

Amanda Quesenberry, COE, 2013-16

Students (6; Honors Students Only):

Ex Officio and Executive Secretary (non-voting): Director of Honors Program: Tim Fredstrom, Honor's Office

Contact: Julie Brooks, Honors Department Secretary - (309) 438-2559

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Library Committee  


Angelo Capparella, CAS, 2011-14

Greg Ferrence, CAS, 2011-14

Sherry Sanden, COE, 2012-15

Joe Solberg, COB, 2012-15

Pat O'Rourke, CAST, 2013-16

Students (5)

Ex Officio: Dean of University Libraries: Dane Ward

Contact: Michelle Kaiden, 438-3525,, Milner Library 8900

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Ombudsperson Council


Term: 3 Years

Al Azinger, HR, 2012-14

Rick Ringer, MQM, 2012-15

Maria Pao, LAN, 2012-16

Reinstatement Committee  

Faculty (7)

Sherrilyn Billger, CAS, 2011-14

Tony Lorsbach, COE, 2012-15

Doris Houston, CAS, 2012-15

James Cunningham, Milner, 2012-15

David Snyder, CFA, 2013-16

Jane Turley, CAST, 2013-16

Sandra Klitzing, CAST, 2013-16


Students (3)

Administrative Representative: Assistant to Dean of Student Affairs: John Davenport

Chairperson: Amy Roser, Office of Enrollment Management

Contact: Michelle Schuline, Secretary, Enrollment Management and Academic Services, (309) 438-2156.

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Student Appeals Board  

Faculty (5)

Lori Adams, CFA, 2011-14

Cyndee Ropp, CFA, 2012-15

Melissa Zahl, CAST, 2013-16

Marla Reese-Webber, CAS, 2013-16

Adel Al-Bataineh, COE, 2013-16

Students (5):

Ex Officio: Executive Secretary of SCERB, Jessie Krinert, Student Affairs Office

Contact: Dave Bentlin, Student Affairs Office, (309) 438-5451.

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Student Center Complex Advisory Board  

Faculty (2)

  • Nels Popp, CAST 2011-2014
  • Alan Bates, COE 2012-2015

Students (4)

Alumni (1):

Contact for Board: Michelle Paul, Director of BSC, 438-2221

Contact for Alumni: Doris Groves, Executive Director of Alumni Relations.

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Student Grievance Committee  

Faculty (5)

  • David Thomas, CAST 2011-14
  • Cathi Kaesberg, MCN 2011-14
  • Michael Sublett, CAS 2011-15
  • Diane Dean, COE 2011-15
  • Marybeth Lartz, COE 2012-15

Students (5)

Ex Officio (Non-Voting): Anne Newman, Community Rights and Responsibilities

Contact: Anne Newman or Kristina Harris, Community Rights and Responsibilities Office, (309) 438-8621.

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University Curriculum Committee  

Faculty (14)

Faculty (14):

COB (2):

Joe Trefzger, COB, 2013-16

Euysep Shim, CAST, 2013-16 (No volunteers from COB)

COE (2):

Roland Schendel, COE, 2012-15

Nancy Latham, COE, 2013-16

CFA (2):

Claire Lieberman, CFA, 2011-14

Joe Neisler, CFA, Spring 2013-16

CAST (2):

Mark Temple, CAST, 2011-14

Vacancy, CAST, 2013-15

CAS (4):

Martha Cook, CAS, 2011-14

Amy Wood, CAS, 2011-14

Ross Kennedy, CAS, 2012-15

Lance Lippert, CAS, 2013-16

Milner (1):

Julie Murphy, MIL, 2008-14

Mennonite (1):

Cathi Kaesberg, MCN, 2009-2015

Executive Secretary: Jonathan Rosenthal (Provost's Designee)

Contact: Jeri Ryburn, UCC Secretary, (309) 438-3183.

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University Hearing Panel  

Faculty Members: 25 (Generally, 15 to 20 Faculty Members Serve)


Gary Weilbacker, COE, 2011-14

Deb Alley, CFA, 2011-14

Sara Semonis, CFA, 2011-14

Tricia Johnson, CAST, 2011-14

David Cedeno, CAS, 2012-14

Margaret Nauta, CAS, 2012-14

Erin Mikulec, COE, 2012-14

Gina Hunter, CAS, 2012-14

Alejandro Enriquez, CAS, 2013-15

Ryan Brown, COE, 2013-15

Olcay Akman, CAS, 2013-15

Kim Judson, COB, 2013-15

Mario Pao, CAS, 2013-15

Elizabeth White, COE, 2013-15

Scott Kording, CAS, 2013-15

Jean Sawyer, CAS, 2013-15

Patricia Jarvis, CAS, 2013-15

Linda Clemmons, CAS, 2013-15

Ann Shelley, Milner, 2013-15

Geoffrey Campbell, CAST, 2013-15

Student Vacancies: Students recruited by the Community Rights and Responsibilities Office.


Contact: Anne Newman or Kristina Harris, Community Rights and Responsibilities Office, (309) 438-8621

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University Review Committee  

Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve on the University Review Committee.

Faculty (9)

Domingo Joaquin, COB, 2011-14

David Rubin, BSC, CAS, 2011-14

Tempa Bassoppo-Moyo, 2013-14

Phil Chidester, CAS, 2012-15

Bill O'Donnell, ART, CFA, 2013-16

Doris Houston, CAS, 2013-16

Sheryl Jenkins, MCN, 2013-15

Angela Bonnell, Milner, 2013-16


Vacancy: Mennonite College of Nursing

Ex Officio (Voting): Provost Designee: Sam Catanzaro, Provost's Office

Contact: Bruce Stoffel, Recording Secretary, (309) 438-2922

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University Service Awards Selection Committee  

Faculty (7)

College of Applied Science and Technology: Cara Rabe-Hemp, 2013-15

College of Education: Debbie Sheldon, 2012-14

College of Fine Arts: Michael Wille, 2012-14

College of Business: Han Kang, 2009-14

College of Arts and Sciences: Karen Stipp, 2012-14

Milner Library: Jean MacDonald, 2012-14

Mennonite College of Nursing: Kim Astroth, 2012-14

Students (2):

  • Undergraduate Student
  • Graduate Student

Provost's Liaison: Danielle Lindsey, 4000 Provost's Office,

Contact: Danielle Lindsey, 4000 Provost Office, (309) 438-3175

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Campus Communications Committee  

Some Appointments Made in Summer/Fall - A Constitutionally-Specified Standing Committee

Campus Communications Committee Chairperson: 

Student Body President

  • Freddie Alvarado, 2013-14


  • Stacy Ramsey, AP Chairperson, 2011-13
  • Matthew Murray, 2013-15

Civil Service

  • Lois Soeldner, Civil Service Council Chairperson, 2012-13
  • Troy Zeigler, 2012-14

Senate Faculty

  • Hoelscher, COB, 2009-13
  • David Marx, CAS, 2010-14

Senate Chairperson

  • Dan Holland, 2008-14

Contact: Committee Chairperson or Academic Senate Office, (309) 438-8735.

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"Panel of Ten" - Administrative Selection Committee Chairperson Panel  

Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve on the Panel of Ten.

Term of Service: 1 Year

Amy Hurd, CAST

Anthony Crubaugh, CAS

Stephen Perry, CAS

Lane Crothers, CAS

Louis Perez, CAS

Diane Dean, COE

Richard Nagorski, CAS

Jim Thompson, COE

Rene Tobin, CAS

Sandy Roe, Milner

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