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External Committee Members 


Academic Freedom, Ethics, And Grievance Committee  

***Click on link above for AFEGC Procedures***

Policy 3.3.8 Faculty Academic Freedom, Ethics And Grievance


Faculty (18) 

Lara Handsfield, TCH, 2015-18
Steve Landau, PSY, 2015-18
Ronnie Jia, ITK, 2017-18 (Sabbatical replacemnet for Julie Webber 2015-2018)
Shawn Hitchcock, CHE, 2015-18
John Kostelnick, GEO, 2015-19 Vice- Chair
Kim Pereira, THE, 2015-19
Susan Burt, ENG, 2016-19
Phil Chidester, COM, 2016-19
Debbie Shelden, SED, 2016-19 Chair
Chad Buckley, MIL, 2016-19
Ricardo Cruz, ENG, 2017- 2020
Sharon Doubet, SED, 2017-2020
Jonathan Druker, LAN, 2017-2020
Kevin Edwards, BIO, 2017-2020
Gardenia Harris, SWK, 2017-2020
Tony Lorsbach, TCH, 2017-2020

Lab School Representatives (3 from Metcalf, 3 from U-High)


Cory Culberston 
Karne Valouche
Jeff Wollenweber



Susi Beard
Margot Ehrlich
Andy Goveia


5 NTT Covered by Negotiated Agreement:

  • College of Business- Terry Lowe, MQM, 2017-2018
  • College of Arts & Science- VACANT
  • College of Applied Science and Technology- Geoffrey Campbell, TEC, 2017-2018
  • College of Education- VACANT
  • College of Fine Arts- VACANT


4 NTT Not Covered by Negotiated Agreement:

  • Milner- Alexis Shpall Wolstein, 2017-2018
  • Milner- VACANT
  • Mennonite College of Nursing- VACANT
  • Mennonite College of Nursing- VACANT


Contact: Committee Chairperson, or Vice Chairperson, or Academic Senate Office (309-438-8735).

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Academic Planning Committee  

Membership (15)

Provost Designee
Jim Jawahar, Associate Provost

Director, Graduate Studies
Amy Hurd, Graduate School

Director, University Assessment Services
Derek Meyers, Assistant Director, Assessment Services

Chairperson, Academic Senate
Susan Kalter, Academic Senate

Member, Senate Academic Affairs Committee:
Academic Senate Member: Kathleen Lonbom, Academic Senate

Dean Appointed Faculty Members: 2-Year Terms

Miranda Lin (TCH), COE, 2017-19

Cynthia Kerber, MCN, 2017-19

Claire Lieberman (ART), CFA, 2017-19

Mary Henninger (KNR), CAST, 2017-19

Chad Kahl, Milner, 2014-18

J. Cooper Cutting (PSY), CAS, 2016-2018

Rosie Hauck (ACC), COB, 2016-18

Students (2)

Graduate student selected annually by the Graduate Student Association (Voting):

David Giovagnoli, 2017-2018

Undergraduate student selected annually by the Student Government Association (Voting):

Beau Grzanich, Student Body President, 2017-2018

Administrative Assistant from the Office of the Provost (Non-Voting):

Bruce Stoffel, Coordinator of Academic Programs and Policy 

Contact: Bruce Stoffel, Coordinator of Academic Programs and Policy, (309) 438-2922

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Athletics Council  

Faculty (8)

Clinton Warren, CAST, 2015-18

Dave Kopsell, CAST, 2015-18

Darby Wilde, CFA, 2015-18

Cara Rabe-Hemp, CAST, 2015-18

Christopher Hamaker, CAS, 2016-19

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus, COE, 2016-19

Christy Bazan, CAST, 2014-20 (Second Term)

Doug Hatch, COE, 2017-2020


NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative (1)

Jeri Beggs

Student-Athletes (3)


Student Non-Athletes (3)



Alumni Representatives (2)

Jerry Kerber

Kendra Bull (female alum)

Ex Officio Members (Non-voting)

Larry Lyons, Director of Athletics                                                           

Leanna Bordner, Deputy Director of Athletics/SWA Liaison to Gender, Diversity & Student Athlete Well Being sub-committee  

Jay Groves, President’s Representative                                                  

Melissa Myers, Head Volleyball Coach                                                                 

Mark Klysner, Head Men’s Tennis Coach


Additional staff contacts

Dwight Merilatt, Deputy Director of Athletics/External Op.                                            

Peyton Deterding, Associate Athletics Director/Internal Op., Liaison to Fiscal sub-committee

Paul Downey, Associate Athletics Director/ Academics and Life Skills Liaison to Academic Integrity sub-committee

Cindy Harris, Sr. Assoc. A.D./Compliance & Student Services Liaison to Governance & Commitment to Rules Compliance sub-committee  

Matt Lyons, Assistant AD/Development                                                

Scott Renfro, Assistant Athletic Director/ Compliance       

Secretarial Assistance

Melanie Piekos,, 438-3639

Contact: Leanna Bordner, Deputy Director of Athletics, 438-3639, Athletics Department, 2660 Redbird Arena,    


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Campus Communication Committee  

Some Appointments Made in Summer/Fall - A Constitutionally-Specified Standing Committee

Administrative/Professional Council Representatives:

Administrative/Professional Council Chairperson: Ron Gifford, 2016-17

A/P Representative: Elizabeth Chupp, 2017-2018               


Civil Service Council Representatives:

Civil Service Council Chairperson: Bob Blythe, 2017-2019

Civil Service Representative: Amy Witzig, 2017-19                                                                   


Faculty Caucus Representatives:

Academic Senate Chairperson: Susan Kalter, ENG, 2014-18

Tony Crowley, CFA, 2017-2019

Tracy Mainieri, CAST, 2017-19


Student Government Association Representative:

Student Body President: Beau Grzanich, 2017-18


Contact:  Academic Senate Office, (, (309) 438-8735

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Council For Teacher Education  

***Click on link above for agendas and minutes***

Appointments made in the fall

Chairperson 2016-18: Perry Schoon, COE Dean

Appointed by the Provost in consultation with the College Deans for each 2-year Term.

Faculty (13)
College of Education (5):

Allison Meyer, TCH, 2015–18 
Stacy Otto, EAF, 2015–18
Maribeth Lartz, SED, 2017-2018 (replaced Nicole Uphold)
Mindy Ely, SED, 2017-2018 (Replaced Stacey Harden)
Sandra Osorio, TCH, 2017-2020

College of Arts & Sciences (3):
Monica Noraian, HIS 2013-19
Matthew Windsor, MAT, 2016-19 
Corrine Zimmerman, CAS, 2017-2020
College of Applied Sciences and Technology (1):
Sally Arnett-Hartwick, FCS, 2017-2020
College of Business (1):
Tamra Davis, MKT, 2017-2020
College of Fine Arts (1):
Phillip Hash, MUS, 2017-2018 (Retirement replacement)
Milner (1):
Sarah French, 2014-2020 (Second Term)


Students (5, with at least one graduate student):
John Anderlik, COE, 2017-2018
Jeannell Dohrman, COE, 2017-2018
Kate Janos, CAS, 2017-2018
Carrie Lawton, GRAD- CAS, 2017-2018
Jacquelyn Regnier, CAS, 2017-2018 


Ex-Officio Deans' or Representatives:

Perry Schoom, Dean of COE
  Rep: Christy Borders

Todd McLoda, Dean of CAST
  Rep: Skip Williams

Greg Simpson, Dean of CAS
  Rep: Sally Parry

Ajay Samant, Dean of COB
  Rep: Kathy Mountjoy

Jean Miller, Dean of CFA
  Rep: Sara Semonis

Shari Zeck, Dean of Milner Library
  Rep: Julie Derden 

Jan Murphy, Provost Office
  Rep: Jon Rosenthal

Deb Garrahy, Lauby Center

Graduate Curriculum Committee Representative: Denise Wilson (ad hoc)

University Curriculum Committee Representative: Sue Dustin

Laboratory School Representative: Jean Gorski


Chairs/ Directors:Non-Voting Ex-Officios:
Linda Haling, Director, TCH
Stacey Jones-Bock (Chair, SED)
Lenford Sutton (Chair, EAF)


Contact: Deborah Garrahy, 

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Council On General Education  

***Click on link above for agendas and minutes***

Faculty (9)

Alan Bates, COE, 2015-2018

James Cunningham, Milner, 2015-2018

Terry Plickebaum, CAST, 2015-2018

Richard Wills, COB, 2015-2018

Kim Schneider, CAS Social Sciences, 2016-2019

Ben Stiers, CFA, 2017-2020

Carla Pohl, MCN, 2017-2020

Chad Woolard, CAS Humanities, 2017-2020

Rebekka Darner-Gougis, CAS Natural Sciences, 2018-2021

Students (4):

TBD for 2017-2018

Ex Officio Members (5)

University Curriculum Committee Chair: TBD

Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: Sally Parry

Honors Program Director: Rocio Rivadeneyra

University College: Brian Aitken

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education: Jonathan Rosenthal

Contact: Soemer Simmons, Recording Secretary, (309) 438-2157

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Economic Well-Being Committee  

Only to be constituted as a committee when necessary

Chairperson will be a faculty member elected by the committee

Faculty (5)

Administrative Representative, Director of Planning, Research and Policy Analysis (1):

Civil Service Representatives (2):

Administrative Professional Staff Representative (1):


Faculty members are nominated and elected by the Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate for staggered 3-year terms

Civil Service representatives are nominated by the Civil Service Council and elected by the Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate.

Administrative/Professional staff representative is nominated by the A/P staff and elected by the Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate.

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Faculty Review Committee  

Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve on the Faculty Review Committee.

Faculty (9)

Tom Crumpler, COE,  Spring 2015-18

Paul Garris, CAS,  2015-18

Jean MacDonald, Milner, 2016-19

Aaron Paolucci, CFA, 2016-19

Bo Park, CAST, 2016-19

Amy Wood, CAS, 2016-19

Kimberly Nance, CAS, 2017-2020

Gary Salegna, COB, 2017-2020

Orin Reitz, MCN 2017-20

Contact: Bruce Stoffel, Recording Secretary, (309) 438-2922

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Honors Council  

Faculty (6)

Min-Yu (Stella) Liao, COB, 2015-18

Dan Ispas, CAS, 2016-19

Terry Husband, COE, 2016-19

Jin Jo, CAST, 2016-19

Bill Anderson, CAST, 2017-2020

Julie Campbell, CAS, 2017-2020

Students (6; Honors Students Only):

Miranda Bejda

Sarah Emerson

Arek Jorgensen

Mitch Stengel

Jennifer Wrzala 

Ex Officio and Executive Secretary (non-voting): Director of Honors Program: Rocio Rivadeneyra, Provost's Office

Contact: Julie Brooks, Honors Program Administrative Aide (309) 438-2550

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Library Committee  

***Click on link above for agendas and minutes***

Faculty (6-9):

S. J. Chang, COB, 2015-18

Dunleep Delpechitre, COB, 2017-18 spring sabatical
Matt Lastner, MKT, spring sabatical replacement

Oguzhan Dincer, CAS, 2016-19

Alan Lessoff, CAS, 2016-19

Melissa Johnson, CFA, 2016-19

Kathy Webster, CAST, 2016-19

Ed (Orin) Reitz, MCN, 2016-19

Thomas Burr, CAS, 2014-20, (Second Term) Chair

Carolyn Hunt, COE, 2017-2020


Students (5)

TBD for 2016-17

Ex Officio: Dean of University Libraries: Dane Ward

Contact: Thomas Burr, Milner Library 8900


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Ombudsperson Council

Term: 3 Years

Klaus Schmidt, CAST, 2015-18

Kim Schneider, CAS, 2016-19

Amelia Noel- Elkins, 2017-2020

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 Panel of Ten - Administrative Selection Committee Chairperson Panel

Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve on the Panel of Ten.

Terms of Service: 2017-2018

Lane Crothers, CAS

Dan Holland, CAS

Nancy Lind, CAS

Chris Grieshaber, CAST

Dave Malone, CAS

Kim Nance, CAS

Stacy Otto, COE

Sandy Roe, MIL

Victor Devinatz, COB

Brent Beggs, CAST

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Reinstatement Committee  

Faculty (7)

Elizabeth Whilte, COE, 2017-2018 (Filling Vacancy)

Margaret Nauta, CAS, 2015-2018

Sarah French, Milner, 2015-2018                

Kim Astroth, MCN, 2015-18

Randy Reid, CFA, 2016-19      

Han Kang, COB, 2014-2020 (Second Term)

Jane Turley, CAST, 2017-2020

Elizabeth White, COE, 2017-2018

Students (3)

TBD for 2017-18

Administrative Representative: Assistant to Dean of Student Affairs: John Davenport

Chairperson: Amy Roser, Office of Enrollment Management

Contact: Michelle Schuline, Secretary, University College, 438-2156

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Student Center Complex Advisory Board  

Faculty (2):



Students (4):

Alumni (1):


Contact for Board

Contact for Alumni

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Textbook Affordability Committee

Membership: 9 Voting members

Three (3) Students: At least one Senator and one Non-Senator (one-year terms)

Beau Grzanich (Senator), SGA, 2017-18

Stripeik, Billy (Senator), SGA, 2017-18

TBD, 2017-18

Three (3) Faculty: One Senator and Two Non-Senators (Senate suspended Senator rule for 2018 )(staggered two-year terms)

Do- Young Park, COE, 2017-2019 Spring Sabatical 
Christopher Gjesfjeld, COE, Spring Sabatical Replacement

James Palmer, COE, 2017-2019

Michaelene Cox, CAS, 2016–2020 Chair


Dean of Milner Library or Designee:

Anne Shelley, Librarian for Scholarly Communications

Vice President of Student Affairs or designee:

Danielle Miller-Schuster- Assistant VP of Student Affairs

University Registrar or designee:

Jess Ray

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University Appeals Board  

Faculty (5)

Deborah Seifert, COB, 2017-18 (Replacement for Cindy Ropp)

Jessie Krienert, CAST, 2015-18

Kristen Carlson, ATK 2016-19

Lane Crothers, CAS, 2017-2020

Mark Zablocki, COE, 2017-2020

Students (5):

Manny Cintron  

Genoa Cole       

Patrice Gooden 

Amanda Olson  

Kyle Walsh                            

Staff (5):    

Shelly Braxton  

Tammy Hansen 

Zachary McDowell                

Sally Nadeau     

Tim Tribble        

Faculty elected by the Faculty Caucus of the Academic Senate
Staff appointed by Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Office
Students elected by Student Government Association


Associate Director for Student Relations

Dr. Mike Minton (309) 438-2200


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University Curriculum Committee   

***Click on link above for agendas and minutes***

Faculty (14)

COB (2):

Joe Trefzger, FIL, 2013-19

Susan Dustin, MQM, 2016-19

COE (2):

Adel El-Bataineh, TCH, 2016-19 

Sherry Sanden, TCH, 2018-2021

CFA (2):

Geoffrey Duce, MUS, 2016-19

Li Zeng, THD, 2017-2020

CAST (2):

Euysup Shim, TEC, 2013-18

James Wolf, IT, 2016-2020 (Second Term) 

CAS (4):

Elke Segelcke, LAN, 2015-18

Kyle Ciani, HIS, 2016-19

Martha Cook, BIO, 2014-2020 (Second Term)

Jean Standard, CHE, 2014-2020 (Second Term)

Milner (1):

Julie Murphy, Milner, 2018-2021

Mennonite (1):

Cindy Kerber, MCN, 2018-2021

Students (4): 

TBD for 2016-17


Executive Secretary: Jonathan Rosenthal (Provost's Designee)

Contact: Jeri Ryburn, UCC Secretary, (309) 438-3183.

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University Hearing Panel  

Faculty Members: 20 or more

Roslin Hauck, COB, 2016-18
Sarah Boesdorfer, CAS, 2016-18
Maribeth Lartz, COE, 2016-18
Ellis Hurd, COE, 2016-18
Deborah MacPhee, COE, 2016-18
Steven Mertens, COE, 2016-18
Rebecca Achen, CAST, 2016-18
Tara Kaczoroski, COE, 2016-18
Susan Franzen, Milner, 2016-18
Kimberly Schneider, CAS, 2016-18
Meghan Leonard, CAS, 2016-18
Kyle Miller, COE, 2015-2019 (Second Term)
Carrie Anna Courtad, COE, 2015-2019 (Second Term)
Jamie Wieland, COB, 2015-2019 (Second Term)
Aparna Idate, CAS, 2015-2019 (Second Term)
Julie Campbell, CAS, 2017-2019
Yun-Ching Chung, COE, 2017-2019
Eros DeSouza, CAS, 2017-2019
Heather Jia, COB, 2017-2019
Tony Lorsbach, COE, 2017-2019
Sharon Doubet, COE, 2017-2019


Students (12 or more):

TBD for 2016-17


Contact: Michael Zajac, 438-8621

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University Review Committee  

Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve on the University Review Committee.

Faculty (9)

Rachel Shively, CAS, 2015-18, (replacing Christopher Horvath)

Sheryl Jenkins, MCN, 2015-18 Secretary

Angela Bonnell, Milner, 2013-19

Doris Houston, CAS, 2013-19

Sarah Smelser, CFA, 2016-19 Vice- Chair

Diane Dean, COE, 2014-20, Chair

Joe Goodman, COB, 2014-20

Kevin Edwards, CAS, 2017-2020

Michael Byrns, CAST, 2017-2020


Ex Officio (Voting): Provost Designee: Sam Catanzaro, Provost's Office

Contact: Bruce Stoffel, Recording Secretary, (309) 438-2922

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University Service Awards Selection Committee  

Faculty (7)

College of Education

Ryan Brown, COE, 2016-18

College of Fine Arts

Roy Magnuson, CFA, 2016-18

College of Business

Duleep Delpechitre, COB, 2017-19

College of Arts and Sciences

Todd Stewart, CAS, 2016-18

Milner Library

Eric Willey, Milner, 2016-18

Mennonite College of Nursing

Mary Volle Cranston, MCN, 2016-18

College of Applied Science and Technology

Pranshoo Solanki, CAST, 2017-2019

Students (2):

  • Undergraduate Student - Richard Greenfield
  • Graduate Student - Cassie McNeil

Provost's Liaison:
Jean Ann Dargatz
4000 Provost's Office

Contact: Jean Ann Dargatz, 4000 Provost Office, (309) 438-7018

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