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Please note that the article numbers listed in this section do not correspond to the article numbers of the Academic Senate Bylaws prior to 2016.  Please consult historical versions of the Academic Senate Bylaws.  

Articles have changed after 2017. Articles after this time are not the same as prior to this time and amendments listed need to be viewed accordingly.

 Major Revisions (2.25) approved November 18, 1981

Article 3.4 (d) amended January 13, 1982

Article 3.3 (e)2 amended February 10, 1982

Article IV. amendments to the bylaws, approved February 24, 1982

Article 3.4 (a) amended March 17, 1982

Article 3.1 (I) approved March 31, 1982

Article 3.5 (a and b) approved February 20, 1985

Article III. 3.1 (d) amended February 23, 2000

Articles III. 3.1, 3.2 amended November 28, 2001

Overall revision to bylaws approved April 23, 2003

Revisions to pages 1-9 approved November 5, 2003

Article II – Revisions approved February 18, 2004

Election Procedures for External Committees approved – March 30, 2017


Previous amendments to Bluebook (now Appendix II)

March 1, 2021 Reinstatement Committee Revisions

November, 2020 Library Committee Revisions

February 22, 2017 AFEGC Description Change

January 25, 2017 Membership Revision Changes to Standing Internal Senate Committees, Section C, and to the Student Government Association page.

December 7, 2016 Changes to Athletics Council Blue Book Description

October 26, 2016 Membership Revision Changes to pages for Faculty Affairs and Planning and Finance Committees

January 2016: Library Committee Membership Expansion

November 2015: Addition of Textbook Affordability Committee

April 2015: Changes to Academic Affairs, SGA. UAB, UHP, Student Grievance Committee pages as reflected in the Student Code of Conduct.

May 2014: Athletics Council Revisions

March 2014: Library Committee Revisions

November 2013: Internal Committee Minutes. Added to functions of each committee.

September 2013: Faculty Affairs Committee functions: See Ombudsperson Policy

April 2013: CGE Bylaws

December 2012: Athletics Council Reporting

December 2012: Planning and Finance Committee

October 2012: CTE Section

March 2011:  Review and approve changes to questionnaires for evaluating deans and department chairs/school directors, per Administrator Evaluation Policy.

January 2011: Executive Committee Responsibilities – VP Surveys

January 2011: AFEGC Revisions

November 10, 2010: Student Center Performing Arts Series Board deletion

April 21, 2010: Administrative Affairs and Budget Committee Functions – clarified AIF requests and budget meeting time.

March 24, 2010: Administrative Affairs and Budget Committee Functions – changed Academic Calendar procedure.

November 18, 2009: “SCERB” language changed in Code of Student Conduct November 2009: Now entitled Student Appeals Board.

November 4, 2009: Academic Planning Committee appointments confirmed by the Faculty Caucus.

April 8, 2009: Revisions to Library Committee section.

April 8, 2009: Revisions to Athletics Council Bylaws/Blue Book Section for Athletics Council.

April 9, 2008: Addition of SCERB Grievance Committee

March 26, 2008: Addition of SCERB University Hearing Panel.

February 20, 2008: Revisions to SCERB Section.

February 6, 2008: Addition of University Service Awards Committee to the Blue Book as an External Committee of the Senate.

April 11, 2007: General revisions throughout the Blue Book.

April 26, 2006: Student Center Policy and Programming Boards replaced by Student Center Complex Advisory Board and Student Center Performing Arts Series Board.

April 12, 2006: Academic Planning Committee Membership Composition Revision

October 12, 2005: Panel of 10 Membership – revised to: Tenured Faculty Only. Members selected to chair search committees for positions other than those listed below amended to:  Academic Affairs Administrators that report directly to the Provost (other than those listed above)

April 13, 2005: Honors Council – Faculty representatives must represent at least 4 of the 7 colleges (Includes Milner Library).

April 13, 2005: Entertainment Committee and University Forum Committee replaced by University Programming Board – oversight: Office of Student Affairs.

April 21, 2004: Honors Council – Student representatives must be honor students.

April 7, 2004: Addition of functions 7 and 8 for the Academic Planning Committee; Confirmation/election of CTE representatives to be conducted by the Senate after August 20th of each academic year; SCERB membership increase from 1 student and 1 faculty alternate to 2 student and 2 faculty alternates.

March 24, 2004: Revisions to the Academic Planning Committee Membership.

Spring 2003: Various revisions made throughout the document by the Academic Senate Rules Committee and approved by the Senate.

May 2001: Council on General Education - Terms of membership

April 18, 2001: Revision of Internal Committee Structures

January 2001: University Review Committee - Members must have tenure.

January 2001: University Appeals Committee - Replaced by Faculty Review Committee beginning 2001-2002.

November 11, 2000: Addition of Senate Liaison Section 

March 8, 2000: Shared Governance Section, pg. 3, paragraph 3, Added: "When creating policy that affects the academic area broadly understood, the President will see the advice of the academic community through its principle representative body, the Academic Senate.


September 9/08/21: Quorum and Virtual attendee language added on a temporary basis.

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